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Attendance Expectations

Face to Face Instruction

Traditional attendance coding of P: Present, A: Absent, or T: Tardy will be utilized and enabled during face-to-face instruction at Canarelli Middle School. For face-to-face instruction, determinations of student absent, present, and tardy status are made in accordance with CCSD Regulation 5113, Sections I and II.


Temporary Distance Education

During the school year, if a student is unable to attend in-person instruction because of isolation or quarantine, school staff will assign the student to the Temporary Distance Learning Group. With this status, students will receive instruction at home due to isolation or quarantine. Students are only assigned to temporary distance learning by CCSD Health Services Department. This does not apply for regular daily absences and/or illness. 

 Please refer to the CMS Temporary Distance Education Guide for information about virtual attendance and participation.

Please note:  If a student will be absent for three or more days, please call the attendance office at 702-799-1340 ext. 4200

Parent-School Communication

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