Pledge Of Achievement Highlights

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky announced his "Pledge of Achievement" during the annual State of the District address, calling it his strategic vision to improve student achievement while aligning the budget.

Skorkowsky is asking every student, parent and community member and business leader to get behind his vision that each student is capable of success and we all share a responsibility for their learning.


With the most recent bond efforts to bring money to the school district failing to gain support from the public, Skorkowsky learned people aren't willing to spend money. But he's optimistic they'd be more willing to spend their time, and sign the pledge to start engaging with the school district.


"Each of these people has a stake in the future of our community with our students in the current school system," Skorkowsky said.


The school district said it plans on announcing specific targets for student achievement over the coming months.

To take the pledge, please visit