Fine Arts Program - Choir Programs

Welcome to the Canarelli Middle School choir program! It is a great time to be a member of our ensembles. We have a reputation of excellence and we are excited that you are a part of it! As a member of the program, you will be involved in one of the following ensembles:

  • Beginning Girls’ Choir: Sixth grade girls

  • Beginning Mens’ Choir: Sixth grade boys

  • Women’s Choir: Seventh grade girls

  • Concert Choir: A mixed voice ensemble comprised of seventh and eighth grade boys and girls

  • Advanced Choir: A mixed voice ensemble comprised seventh and eighth grade boys and girls

Teaching Philosophy

The choral classroom at Canarelli is one of creation and teamwork. We will work together as an ensemble to become better musicians and support one another in this learning process. Every student learns differently, so a variety of learning styles will be incorporated with an emphasis on the Kodaly method. The most productive learning comes through experience, and as choral musicians, we will experience a variety of musical genres and learn about a wide variety of composers and musicians. Music encourages all levels of thinking, essential in any learning environment, according to Benjamin Bloom’s classification of learning objectives. Students and teacher will join forces to create beautiful music and develop independent musicians who have the opportunity to embrace music as a part of their lives now and beyond middle school.

Classroom Rules

Each class will have the opportunity to develop a set of class values. These values could include dedication, teamwork, commitment, friendship, knowledge, etc. Each day we will strive to attain these values. All Canarelli school rules will be observed and enforced (See school handbook).

Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Each day, students should enter the room quietly and be in their seats with their folders and a pencil ready to sing before the bell. If you are not, you will be tardy. Each day there will be a question for response on the board. Students will answer the question in their notebook. We will begin class each day with vocal warm-ups and sight reading and then begin rehearsal of repertoire.

The classroom is a preparation for the future. Therefore, students are expected to behave as professional musicians. Assignments and paperwork must be turned in on time in order to receive full credit.