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CCSD uses the Nevada Academic Content Standards as the basis for all curricula. These content standards have been designed to meet the highest expectation for college and career readiness. Use the link below to access information from the Nevada Department of Education regarding the Nevada Academic Content Standards.

Social Studies

"The purpose of the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Social Studies is to articulate a foundation of skills and content knowledge necessary for Nevada’s students to be successful in our increasingly diverse and global community."


"Our students research problems, predict outcomes, analyze results and make conclusions understanding this is only the beginning of the life-long learning process."


"One hallmark of mathematical understanding is the ability to justify, in a way appropriate to the student’s mathematical maturity, why a particular mathematical statement is true or where a mathematical rule comes from."

English Language Arts

"English language arts classes in schools aim to give students the tools to be effective communicators: readers, writers, speakers, and listeners."


"Fine Arts are predicated on a belief that artistic literacy provides students with an ability to create, present, critique, and connect art to their academic studies, lives, and the world around them."

Physical Education

"A Physically active and educated person is one who has mastered the necessary movement skills to participate confidently in many different forms of physical activity. "

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